What's up with Watermelon?

Happy National Watermelon Day! Watermelon is definitely a summertime favourite around here - keep reading to find out why!

  • It's packed full of water, keeping you hydrated & refreshed

  • A great source of Vitamin A (helps our eyes & skin stay healthy)

  • A great source of Vitamin C (helps our bones, teeth, & skin grow/repair)

  • One of the best sources of Lycopene, a pigment that doubles as a powerful antioxidant (may help reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease & certain cancers)

Overall, watermelon is oh-so-delicious & full of nutrition. Enjoy some today!

Alex Chesney, RD

Strawberry Season is Here!

This time of year, when strawberries are still so new & exciting, my favourite way to enjoy them is simply sliced up as a snack. And what a delicious & nutritious snack they are! Packed full of fiber, potassium, and lots of Vitamin C, strawberries are incredibly tasty & super good for you. 

Come pick some up from the farm, pick-your-own-patch, Innerkip Farm Market, or your local farmers' market today! 

Alex Chesney, RD

What's So Great About Asparagus?

We all love asparagus for its delicious taste, but what else has it got going for it? Turns out, quite a lot! 

Like all veggies, asparagus is a great source of fiber, which is found primarily in the skin on its stalks, so try to avoid peeling it! On top of that, asparagus packs in lots of vitamins and minerals, including Vitamin A, folate, and potassium. 

Enjoy some asparagus tonight, and try steaming, grilling, or roasting (as opposed to boiling) to maintain the best possible nutritional and culinary integrity.

Let me know if you have any questions!
Alex Chesney, RD