New Potatoes

New potatoes are basically baby potatoes. We begin harvesting these little guys in early June. Had we left them in the ground, they would eventually mature into regular, large potatoes. New potatoes undergo less conversion of sugar to starch, and are therefore more sweet than their full-grown counterparts. They are also more tender! The white & red potatoes are available early in the season.

Regular Potatoes

By mid-August the potatoes begin to be fully developed. These potatoes are larger, a little less sweet, and a bit less tender than the new potatoes, but still delicious! All 3 varieties are available at this point, and into the fall and winter.

We grow 3 varieties of regular potatoes:

  • Superior (white flesh & white skin)

  • Norland (white flesh & red skin)

  • Russet (white flesh & brown skin)

Sweet Potatoes

Sweet potatoes are available starting in mid-September. The orange-flesh potatoes are moist & sweet. The white-flesh potatoes are slightly more sweet, but also more dry.

We grow 2 varieties of sweet potatoes:

  • Orange flesh & brown skin

  • White flesh & purple skin