We grow several different varieties of Spanish onions - red, white, and yellow. 

The red onion has a bit of a kick, and is great for use in salads!

The white and yellow onions are both quite sweet, and make a great addition to burgers or any kind of cooking.

Most of the red and white onions are sold fresh, while the yellow Spanish onions are dried and sold throughout the fall.


The regular leek season starts around mid-September. However, we harvest a few super sweet & tender baby leeks during mid July! Keep an eye out for these guys at your local farmers' market.

Green Garlic

From early May until mid-July, we harvest what's called green garlic, as pictured above. Green garlic is essentially baby garlic, picked before it fully forms cloves separated by paper. 

Green garlic is a bit milder than its full grown counterpart, and because it does not have distinct cloves, can be chopped up whole! During early May, even the leaves are edible, as they are very tender.


Starting mid-July/early August, our fully developed garlic bulbs, with distinct cloves- the kind most of you are most familiar with - is available.