The namesake of our farm! Our melons generally roll into season during early/mid July and most of them keep on growing until it freezes in the fall.


Fun fact: muskmelon is the Canadian name for cantaloupe! These melons come in several different varieties, but all are orange-fleshed and super sweet.

Yellow Watermelon

Yep, you read that right - yellow watermelon! Believe it or not, we've been growing this variety (originally from Asia) since 1986. These melons are generally the smallest of the watermelon family, with a light green exterior with black stripes, yellow flesh plus just a few seeds. These guys pack a big punch with their flavour and juiciness, and make the perfect refresher for a hot summer's day.


Sugarbaby Watermelon

Sugarbaby is the sweetest variety of watermelon we grow! Encased by a dark green rind, it has bright red flesh with lots of black seeds. They can grow to be pretty darn huge, and did we mention that they're super sweet?!

Sangria Watermelon

Sangria watermelon are our good ol' fashioned watermelon. On the outside they are oblong shaped, light green coloured, with white stripes. On the inside they're bright pink with a sprinkling of black seeds. When you think of watermelon, this is probably what you picture!

Seedless Watermelon

If you're not a fan of seed-spitting competitions, we've got you covered with our seedless variety. Now, although they're called seedless, and don't have any of the potentially pesky black seeds, they do have very small, soft white ones. They still need seeds to grow, after all! In a seedless variety, though, they don't develop fully. The exterior of these melons is light green with white stripes, and are more round than the Sangria variety. 


Specialty Melons

Each year we like to have a little fun and plant a few different specialty melon varieties. Keep an eye out for these fun little guys at a variety of our farmers' markets!